We understand the need of our customers to secure their valuable possessions against accidental losses.

Protect your home to always be a place of joy. 

Your home is your happy place and now you can make sure it stays that way with protection that Dhofar Insurance brings you a world of assurance and peace of mind by providing you choice of protecting your home and everything you’ve acquired.  


Dhofar Insurance Protection

As Oman’s leading insurance provide, Dhofar Insurance brings you products and services that are trusted by millions and backed by highly rated global reinsurance companies. Our best in class products are brought to you by responsive customer service with the largest network of branches in Oman and support through direct channels like call centre, WhatsApp and online. Serving you quality and convenience is of utmost priority and you can experience this assurance with the Dhofar Home Insurance.

Home Insurance

Building Cover

Content Cover

Home Insurance covers your buildings, contents and appliances against loss or damage due to:

Fire and allied perils including explosion/implosion

Aircraft damage

Impact damage

Earthquake (Fire & shock) : 10% of Location Sum insured Riots, strikes and malicious damage:25% of location sum insured

Storm, cyclone, typhoon, tempest, hurricane, tornado, flood and inundation, landslide,

Theft following forcible and Violent entry or exit

Building Cover

This cover offers protection for your home, the physical building and fixtures on your property. It insures:

Your home means 1st class RCC construction built of brick, stone or concrete and owner’s/landlord’s permanent fixtures.

Content Cover

This cover protects the actual contents contained within your home, including property of members of your family permanently residing with you. This includes:

Household goods, fixtures and fittings, personal belongings, portable equipment, and television and valuables (Excluding cash , Precious metals and Jewelry).


Owners of the flat / apartment / independent building which is of concrete and/or reinforced concrete construction, whether self-occupied / leased out and occupied for residential purpose only.

Tenants of flat / apartment / independent building occupied for residential purposes only.