Motor Insurance

Product Overview

Buying motor vehicle insurance is important to protect you, the vehicle occupants, your vehicle and Third parties. The basic legal requirement is Third party insurance but this will not cover you for most things that happen.

When comparing car insurance products make sure they are like. Many insurers will offer cheaper quotes but the difference in the services may vary greatly. Once you have decided on the policy for you and have gained some provisional quotes make sure that the insurer is offering not only the best rates but also the product extras and after sales service.

Product Coverage

The benefits of using an insurance company like Dhofar Insurance (S.A.O.G) are that you are given more choice and advice with broader experience and knowledge.

Some additional benefits are :

  • We have the largest branch networks in the Sultanate of Oman.
  • We have the largest number of Motor claims handling network in Oman - for efficient and quick settlement.
  • Claims handled efficiently and effectively.
  • Professionally trained employees.
  • Extensive experience in the industry.
  • You need not travel miles to insure your car.

Finally one word of advise:

If in doubt, pay that little extra for the comfort of dealing with a well established insurer. If you have to make a claim you will be glad that you are insured with Dhofar Insurance.